We strive to help build and bring to realization a prosperous and mutually beneficial economic ecosystem, anticipating the social and environmental demands of the 22nd century.

As mankind faces unprecedented challenges and history is at a major inflection point, we provide a unique holistic leadership education program, a space for challenges and co-creation for the world's most promising entrepreneurs, developers and business leaders.

By nurturing socially conscious leaders with excellent creative imagination, passion, and character we strive to attain an economic model based on humanistic values and that seeks to enhance the sustainable prosperity of all humankind.


The name of our University: Shizenkan (至善館), derives from “The Great Learning” (大学) of the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism (四書五経).
The first chapter says: ‘What the Great Learning teaches, is - to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence.’
(translation by James Legge).
Shi (至) means ultimate; Zen (善) means virtue or goodness; and Kan (館) means school.
Together it implies a quest for great learning, or Daigaku (大学), which leads to ultimate goodness.

The logo of Shizenkan reflects the future we aspire to build. The black square indicates Western rationalism. The black ambiguous shape indicates Asian spirituality. It symbolizes the bridge between these two ways of understanding the world. We believe the integration of the two becomes the key to enhance and promote innovation and simultaneously prepare humanity for the future.

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