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Admission Policy/
Who Are We Looking For?

We believe that the leaders of the next generation must combine a sharp business sense with a belief in public awareness and responsibility. We are a graduate school of business administration, and consequently we find that many of our students come from the business sector, perhaps intending to manage firms and projects or start their own businesses in the future. At the same time, we accept applicants from the public and civil service sectors, international organizations and central/local governments as well as NGOs and NPOs and other social enterprises. We do so because we believe that the future of leadership education lies in learning beyond specific boundaries.

In the selection process, an applicant’s potential will be assessed according to the following 3 elements:

  • 1. A willingness to take the initiative and find your own path in life:

    Leadership entails taking the initiative and influencing other people to bring about change. Leaders must also have a strong self-awareness, developed through life experiences. They must be curious, pursue continuous personal growth, and aspire to become exceptional people. They must be willing to start or rejuvenate a business, and challenge the status quo of existing organizations, rather than becoming departmentalized specialists.
    Applicants from the public sector must be willing to take on policy making and operational tasks in their organizations.

  • 2. The ability to absorb knowledge and think critically:

    Applicants should strive to understand the fundamental nature of a broad range of issues, as well as have the ability to think about complex structural phenomena, use logic to form their own hypotheses and engage in constructive discussion to verify these hypotheses.

  • 3. A sense of social awareness and willingness to help others:

    Applicants should be engaged with and concerned about world affairs and our societies and the problems they face. In other words we seek socially engaged individuals. They should have their own ideas about the tasks and challenges of the organizations they run and they should have the capability to face reality without succumbing to mantra or idealism, as well as the ability to contemplate issues at a deeper level rather than focusing only on the surface. Further, candidates should be prepared to actively contribute to the learning, development and educational experiences of other students, and be considerate of them in the spirit of friendly rivalry.

Application Process

Applicant Eligibility
As an applicant, you are required to have a minimum of three years full-time work experience and to fulfill one of the following conditions at the time of enrollment:
  • Obtained an internationally recognized university or college degree
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education of Japan
  • Completed 16 years of education
  • Be approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
  • Be considered to have qualifications in education, knowledge, skills and aspiration to be admitted in the program by the Shizenkan Admissions Committee
Admissions Process
【Stage 1】Document screening
【Stage 2】Interview
Admissions Cycle
There are three application deadlines, and we make admissions decisions within one month after each deadline and notify candidates of our decision. However, the document screening and interviews may start before the deadline to facilitate the admissions process.
• 1st Deadline: December 31st, 2020
• 2nd Deadline: March 31st, 2021
• 3rd Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Application Guidelines
Shizenkan Application Guide(PDF)
How To Apply
Please prepare and submit your documents according to the application guidelines.
  • Prepare your application package and pay the application fee
    Please download and fill out the application forms.
    * Prepare application forms in the language of the program you are applying for (Japanese/English).
  • Submit the application package
    To complete your application to Shizenkan University you should pay the application fee, submit the application forms via the online system, and mail the required original documents.

    <Online Application Process>
    1. Access the application system to submit online forms in the language of
    the course you are applying for (Japanese/English).

    2. Enter your basic information:
    Please enter your basic information by following the instructions on the screen.
    Your information can be saved if you are not able to finish in one sitting.

    3. Upload required documents:
    (1) Application form
    (2) CV/Personal resume *Free format, 1-3 sheets of A4 paper
    (3) Essay
    (4) Copy of receipt of the application fee
    (5) Certificate of company sponsorship (company sponsored applicants only)
    (6) Passport copy (non-Japanese applicants only)
    (7) Residence card copy [both sides] (non-Japanese applicants residing in Japan only)

    4. Confirm registered information:
    Please click the "Confirmation" button after registering each item listed above to complete the application.

    5. Mail documents:
    After completing the online application, please mail the following documents to Shizenkan University.
    -Graduation Certificate (if you are unable to submit a Graduation Certificate, please submit a copy of your diploma or certificate of degree.)
    -Academic Transcripts of Academic Degrees
    *At the same time, please submit them to Shizenkan Admissions Office in PDF files attached to the email. (If it takes long time to get the documents or it is difficult to send them as PDF files, please contact us.)

    [Mailing Address]
    Admissions Office,
    Graduate School of Leadership & Innovation, Shizenkan University
    Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui Bldg 17F,
    5-1, Nihonbashi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103 ‒ 6117

    6. Provide Letters of Recommendation:
    Shizenkan University requires all applicants provide 2 letters of recommendation which should be sent to Shizenkan University directly by your referees in soft or hard copy.
    You can find the detailed information as well as required format for letters of recommendation HERE.
  • Schedule the interview
  • Personal interview Step
    *As a part of our COVID-19 countermeasures, the admissions interview can be conducted online. We will let you know the details by email after the document submissions have been completed.
  • Admission
Academic Fees

The following table shows the academic fees required for enrollment in the MBA in Design & Leadership for Societal Innovation program at the Graduate School of Leadership & Innovation, Shizenkan University.
(*Note. The application fee is JPY 35,000)

Enrollment Fee
JPY 200,000
Tuition Fee for Year 1
JPY 2,400,000
Tuition Fee for Year 2
JPY 2,400,000
Grand Total Educational Fees
JPY 5,000,000
  • The enrollment fee is paid only one time – at the start of the first year.
  • Program tuition can be paid on a yearly basis or as a lump sum. When necessary, the tuition fees for the first and the second semesters may be paid separately with the permission of Shizenkan, for the students who are nor sponsored and are self-funded. Further detailed information regarding the tuition and fee payment will be sent to you upon notification of acceptance.
  • The tuition fees do not include costs of textbooks and other optional academic materials.
  • Optional Field Studies: In addition to the above, if you participate in field studies (optional) in Japan or overseas, their expenses are paid separately.

Scholarship Program

At Shizenkan University, we offer the Shizenkan Scholarship Program to realize an ideal educational environment where students from diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and sectors can learn together.
In principle, the scholarship covers ¥1,000,000 of tuition for 2 years. However, those students who have excellent academic achievements and/or have financial aid necessity equating to more than the amount described above, may receive up to but no more than ¥4,800,000 (the enrollment fee [¥200,000] must be paid by every applicant).
Some applicants who pass the admissions process and receive a final offer are only eligible for this scholarship program. For more information, please check our scholarship application guideline.

Educational Training Benefits System

The Design & Leadership for Societal Innovation MBA Program at Shizenkan University has been designated as a course eligible for the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s Practical Education and Training Benefits Program. As a result, students who enroll and meet the requirements will be able to apply to receive reimbursement for a certain percentage of their education and training expenses (the maximum benefits of 560,000 JPY can be granted over 1 year).

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