A Business School For the 22nd Century
– With A Focus On Human Sustainability

From Japan to the world: Shizenkan presents a new form of management and leadership education that cultivates true leaders with exceptional aspirations, true creativity, and extraordinary moral standards.

Shizenkan University Graduate School of Leadership & Innovation is a unique “whole-person” comprehensive and holistic management and leadership educational institution, that seeks to develop innovative management and thought leaders who are highly attuned to the current issues impacting society and humanity. Our aim is to realize a paradigm shift in global leadership education, starting from Asia and specifically Japan. Our starting point is the educational model of a traditional western business school, which symbolizes the 20th century, from where we move on to address the numerous social and environmental demands surrounding us in the 21st century while also seeking to anticipate the needs of the upcoming 22nd century.


Technological innovation and the progress of scientific discoveries have served as a wake-up call for humanity as to our rapidly changing society and the sustainability challenges of our planet. Considering the social and economic challenges we will face in the 22nd century, it is clear that the education paradigm for the development of business leaders will need to change and is at a major turning point. The core idea of a Shizenkan education is nurturing the intellectual capability of entrepreneurs required for the 22nd century, and thus aims to contribute to the sustainable development of humanity through innovation while simultaneously confronting a rapidly changing environment.


In Asia, the philosophies of living symbiotically with the social environment and the rule of virtue are deeply rooted. At Shizenkan, we integrate the model of American Business School education, which is based on western rationalism, with that of Eastern philosophy and culture, pursuing the perfect formula for the development of managers and leaders required for the future.


Shizenkan is a GLOCAL educational institution, being a global graduate school and an active member of the local community – supporting our global community and our home in Nihonbashi, Tokyo simultaneously.
In close collaboration with our partner schools around the globe, such as the SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership) Business School in New Delhi, India; IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain; and FGV - in São Paulo, Brazil, we aim to provide a new educational paradigm and to provide the space for personal and educational growth. As well as developing our core program to anticipate the demands of the future.

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