May 25: Global Business Challenges in the Post-Coronavirus World (Webinar)

Free Webinar by Katsuhiko Yoshikawa (Associate Professor and Vice President, Shizenkan University)

Monday, May 22,  19:00 – 21:00





Dr. Katsuhiko Yoshikawa



  • ・Global Management: Strategy, Organization and Leadership
  • ・Designing Your Career
  • ・Management of People and Organizations
  • ・Research Seminar for Individual Projects (Organizational Strategy & Development)




Katsuhiko is an Associate Professor and Vice President at Shizenkan University.
Katsuhiko’s research focuses on organizational behavior and human resource management in contemporary organizations that face globalization and digitalization, and he has published research articles in prominent academic journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of World Business.
Along with research and teaching, he consults with multinational corporations and serves as an external advisor to two startup companies. Before joining Shizenkan, he served as an Assistant Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and worked as Consulting Director and Chief Researcher at Recruit in Japan.
Katsuhiko’s vision is to become a bridge between academic research and business practice communities in the area of human resource and organization management.


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