[MBA OPEN CLASS] May. 18th | Master the Art of Storytelling


“Master the Art of Storytelling“

Speaker: Prof. Patrick Newell (Shizenkan University)

Wednesday, May 18th, 19:00-20:30 (JST)

Venue: Shizenkan Campus (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) and Zoom 

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Daily we share our thoughts, and it is essential to have the skills to effectively communicate our thoughts and visions to gain support to grow. How do you gain empathy and trust from others to support your idea and take action?


In this session, you will learn how to effectively construct a storyline to increase your probability of success by utilizing the art of storytelling techniques mastered by Aristotle and Steve Jobs. Do you set the scene, grab your audience with emotion around the challenges, share the solutions and share a call to action when telling a story? The first step to mastery is to clearly understand the science behind the art of storytelling.


Join Professor Patrick Newell, Author of “TED Power” and one of the prominent storytelling guides in Japan, at this free hybrid session to better understand the art of storytelling. This session is available on campus at Shizenkan University to a limited number of participants and online.


18:45 – 19:00 Campus tour (The attendees on campus who are interested)

19:00 – 19:10 Shizenkan University introduction / Speaker Introduction

19:10 – 20:00 Prof. Patrick Newell “The science behind the art of storytelling” Interactive Session

20:00 – 20:30 Q&A

20:30 – 21:00 Info session (The attendees who are interested)



Prof. Patrick Newell (Shizenkan University)

Catalyst, Learning Activist and Future Vision Navigator

Under the organization “21 Foundation”, Patrick and team collaborate to connect the present with the future for a wide range of people, from infants to senior executives of companies, to reach their highest level of collective intelligence.

In 1995, he co-founded Tokyo International School, a 21st Century model school in many areas of education and learning.

In 2008, Patrick co-founded TEDxTokyo, the first TEDx, TEDxYouth & TEDxTeachers events outside of the USA. TEDx focuses on bringing thinkers, doers and innovators from Japan and beyond to share ideas worth spreading.

In 2017, Patrick and team hosted the SingularityU Japan Summit which is the first Summit event held in Japan.

In 2019, he published the book “Strategies for keeping Japan #1”. Patrick interviewed over 150 people to research how they see Japan in 2030. Japan is #1 in many areas beyond economics and the latest technology and can be a role model for the rest of the world in some areas.



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