Alumni Voice: Yoshikazu Takagi (Class of 2021)

To grow a company and become a role model of a “whole management” leader as an embodiment of Shizenkan’s learning.

Yoshikazu Takagi Class of 2021 (Academic Distinction)


Could you give us a brief introduction to your current job?


After my graduation from Shizenkan, I transferred to the main entity of Digital Holdings Group from OPT Corporation in April 2021. I was in charge of building the management strategy for the entire group. As a headquarter organization directly under the group COO, my main mission was to formulate the group’s purpose, develop the management context, and foster a culture of unity with the operating companies under the Holdings umbrella. I also served as a temporary director of two group companies. Since January 2024, I have been the owner of a business start-up in a new area in line with the group’s new three-year plan.


Where have you worked previously?


I have been working for OPT, an operating company under Digital Holdings, supporting customer promotions based on digital marketing. Dealing with domestic and international media companies such as Gafa, Yahoo!, LINE, etc., I was responsible for developing advertising menus using the latest and most advanced technology and purchasing ad serving tools.


How did your career journey develop after your graduation?


Near graduation, I transferred to the group’s main company. Until then, I had been in charge of one department at one of the operating companies, but after graduation, I was put in charge of the future of the group, including the formulation of the group’s purpose and how to grow the group as a whole. I am also in charge of the secretariat for the strategy meetings of the Group CEO and CxO, where I had the opportunity to participate in discussions and express my opinions, and I have been involved in the core of the management.


How do you reflect on your experience at Shizenkan and its impact on your career? 


My studies at Shizenkan have had a tremendous impact on my career and my life. What do we exist for, and what do companies exist for in society? At Shizenkan, I was able to gain the mindset and perspective to always think from the “world and society” perspective. This has enabled me to express my thoughts without hesitation about what our company exists for, how we should grow, and how we want to be. I believe that having my own axis led me directly to my current career and position.


What do you aspire to do as the next step in your leadership journey?


My vision is to embody what I learned at Shizenkan at Digital Holdings. At Shizenkan, I learned what a company should be, what a management leader should be, and what kind of organizational structure would help the company grow. Corporate theory, management policy, OBHRM, philosophy and comparative sociology of religion, systems thinking, etc. I learned very important and condensed lessons from various perspectives. That is why I do not want to stop this learning in the classroom, but want to try it out in a prime market listed company. I would like to achieve results that will blossom and flourish through this, and strive to make our company a flagship model that embodies the learnings of the Shizenkan.


What would you say to someone who is thinking of studying at Shizenkan?


Your outlook on life will change. Each of us has various faces depending on our position. In terms of work, I see myself in terms of my position, my boss, my subordinates, my role in each project, from my company’s point of view, and from the point of view of our clients and affiliated companies. In our personal lives, we see ourselves from the perspective of our parents, our husbands or wives, our parents, siblings, friends, etc. We live our lives from various perspectives and positions, but we have our own personalities that do not change no matter which perspective we look at them from. At Shizenkan, you can obtain a clear and unshakable axis. I believe that this is what it means to be a “whole person.” I hope that you will enjoy your journey to become a “whole-person management leader” during your two intense years at Shizenkan.


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