Congratulations to Class of 2024 seminar champions!

Congratulations to both Ami Anzai (English class) and Hiroaki Yamasaki (Japanese class) who received the highest marks from their peers, mentors, and Shizenkan faculty at the Final Seminar Conference held on April 27 and 28.

At the Final Seminar Conference, Shizenkan students demonstrate the results of their 20 months of study at Shizenkan and present their unique projects: a business plan and a speech addressing some pressing social issues. 


Ami Anzai, who was ranked first among the 8 finalists in the English class, works for a large financial company. She presented a vision and roadmap for her company to become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious company by changing the behavior of its customers and encouraging green actions toward decarbonization. 

Hiroaki Yamasaki, who received the strongest support among the 12 finalists from the Japanese class, presented his approach to solving a protein deficiency problem through the development and production of sustainable seaweed protein. 

Congratulations to Yamato Imaeda and Katsutoshi Fujita, who won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Japanese class, and to Yutaka Matsuda and Amantha Jude Weerasinghe, who won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the English class. 

We hope that all students will strive to realize their projects and will support their efforts in any way possible.

Great job everyone!

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