Shizenkan Administration, Faculty, and Special Guests Welcome New Students to Begin Their Leadership Journey


TOKYO – On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, the Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2024 was held at Shizenkan Nihonbashi Campus and Shizenkan University welcomed 82 new students to its MBA program.


This year’s Japanese and English Programs are represented by 58 Japanese and 24 international students. The faculty and administration wish all of our new students much success as they tackle many challenges over the next two years to become “whole person” management leaders.


The day after the opening ceremony, the Class of 2024 students started the course “Leadership Challenge: Opening our eyes to the globe and looking into the future”, which is designed to make each student think consciously and elicit the awareness of becoming a “whole-person” management leader by asking questions such as “why is leadership required now?“, and “what does it mean in my life?”

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