MBA Scholarship
for Social Leaders

We are delighted to offer this scholarship for applicants from the social sectors for Shizenkan University admissions starting in August 2022. The scholarship is valued at JPY 2,400,000, which covers half of the tuition fees for our MBA program (higher scholarship offers are possible based on the applicant’s qualifications).

The scholarships are designed to attract qualified social leaders with high motivation and a commitment to leadership for social impact.

The scholarship decisions are based on the strength of a candidate’s scholarship application and his/her admissions application materials. Winners will be notified by mid-July and have two weeks within which to formally accept their awards.


The scholarship is open to all self-funding applicants for 2022 enrollment of the Shizenkan MBA program who are working in the social sector.

Criteria for Scholarship Award

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of future professional and leadership potential, as demonstrated by the quality of essays submitted in support of the scholarship application. We will also be looking for candidates that can demonstrate a proven track record of success (educational and professional) through their application and performance in the interview. The scholarship committee will review all elements of your application to assess your potential contribution to the ongoing success of the MBA program and commitment to Shizenkan University.

Award Amount

The scholarship amount is a minimum JPY 2,400,000 (half tuition).

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee is made up of members of the Admissions Selection Committee and includes representatives from Shizenkan University’s Faculty.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. The scholarship winners will be expected to formally accept their MBA scholarship award within 2 weeks of scholarship notification.

    2. The scholarship results in a minimum 50% reduction in MBA course tuition fees payable to Shizenkan University.

    3. Scholarships are awarded to the named individual only and are not transferable to any other individual.

    4. Students who are unable to start the course due to unforeseen circumstances must reapply in order to be considered for any scholarships available in subsequent years. There is no guarantee that the scholarships will be awarded in future years, as annual funding may vary.

    5. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of Shizenkan University and may be withdrawn for justifiable cause, such as misleading or false information, evidence of illegal activities, violations of the student code of conduct, etc.

Expectations of Scholarship Winners

  1. 1. Full participation in the MBA program with a good record of attendance.

    2. High standards of behavior and a good record of achievement throughout the course.

    3. Willingness to participate, upon request, in activities related to MBA recruitment and marketing.

    4. Willingness to be featured in an interview, photo or story on the website and in other publications, given written permission/approval prior to publication.

    5. Willingness to contribute to MBA activities and Shizenkan University events.

For further information, contact

To apply for the scholarship, please review the scholarship information above and contact us to receive further application information by Sunday, May 15th.

Mr. Cody Marschalk
Graduate School of Leadership & Innovation,Shizenkan University
Office of Admissions

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