MBA OPEN CLASS Apr. 3rd | Introduction to Leadership and Negotiation


“Introduction to Leadership and Negotiation “

Speaker: Prof. Jiro Tamura, Shizenkan University

Venue: Shizenkan Campus (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) and Zoom 

Wed, Apr 3rd, 19:00-20:30 (JST) 


(The event has ended.)


People have different values, and leaders must have the skills to overcome those differences constructively. How can we develop logical communication skills for negotiation situations at work and in everyday life to find the best solution for both sides?


In this open class, participants will learn about negotiation studies, a methodology for forming desirable agreements through effective negotiations. Negotiation studies are designed so that everyone can logically enhance their abilities without relying on traditional personal qualities and experiences and can explore how to build consensus with others who have different interests and what is required for effective consensus building.


In this open class, we will explain various aspects of negotiation from a practical perspective, based on knowledge from the latest research in social psychology and behavioral science. For example, we will explain why we are quick to concede, why we give easy answers, and how to create good business terms, with the aim of breaking away from common negotiation practices.


In “Leadership and Negotiation” course at Shizenkan, we emphasize active learning. Through mock negotiations based on actual business cases, students will be able to acquire not only theoretical but also practical negotiation skills. By taking this class, students will be able to learn the entire process of negotiation; from preparation, management, and making creative options to managing conflicts.


In this open class, we will also introduce you to some of these skills. If you are interested in acquiring advanced negotiation skills and becoming more confident in all situations, please consider joining us for this opportunity.




19:00 – 19:10 Shizenkan University introduction / Speaker Introduction

19:10 – 20:00 Prof. Jiro Tamura “Introduction to Leadership and Negotiation” Interactive Session

20:00 – 20:15 Discussion with Shizenkan Alumni

20:15 – 20:30 Q&A

20:30 – 21:00 Info session (The attendees who are interested)




Prof. Jiro Tamura

Professor Tamura received his Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law at Keio University. He received the masters degree at Harvard Law School as a Fulbright scholar. He has been a Professor at Keio University since 1987. He is the recipient of the Yokota award, which is the young scholar award in economic law. He was engaged in global negotiation such as US-Japan trade negotiation, and WTO negotiation. He is an International Academic Advisor to Harvard International Negotiation program, and the member to the committee of “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution” at the World Economic Forum. He is currently working on research and development of “Leadership Basics” and “Negotiation” in Japan.








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