Open Class Report “Are you an Effective Storyteller?” held on February 9th, 2023.


TOKYO — on February 9th, Shizenkan University had an online open class on the topic of storytelling presented by Professor Patrick Newell.


“If you master storytelling, you will increase your probability to succeed in any situation”, according to Professor Newell. “When you want to tell a story, you need to consider why you are telling it and what is the core message.” For storytelling, important elements such as whether: the core message benefits the audience; the audience can repeat it; the speaker is self-aware and makes a personal connection to the audience should be included.


In the open class, Professor Newell introduced the Three Act Framework for storytelling and how he applied it when he launched TEDxTokyo in 2009. After the class, one of the participants commented, “Storytelling is effective not only for business but also in everyday life. The idea that we can practice and master storytelling is a great takeaway from the class.” 


Shizenkan University develops “whole-person” management leaders. For such leaders, it is essential to have the skills to deliver their thoughts and vision to the audience and inspire them in a global context. We would like you to experience our MBA program which cultivates such competences.


For more event information, please check our upcoming open class schedule here.



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