[Admission] Scholarship Application Deadline Extension Announcement to May 10th, 2023



Though 2022 was another challenging year for many with the ongoing effects of the global pandemic, the situation has gradually settled down over the past several months with increasing activity of both domestic and international travel and migration.


As a ‘glocal’ MBA school, Shizenkan University has always emphasized learning amongst diverse people as we continuously strive to make our university a richer learning environment.


In this light, Shizenkan has decided to extend the deadline for scholarship applications with the aim of welcoming a wider range of people from diverse backgrounds. We hope to encourage more people like you to take up the challenge and join the Shizenkan MBA program this year.


If you are ready to ignite your leadership and societal innovation journey, please submit your Shizenkan MBA and scholarship application by the third round deadline, Wednesday, May 10th, 2023.


Scholarship Application Guidelines


We will be holding monthly program information sessions to keep you up-to-date with the latest information regarding admissions. Please visit our event calendar and join us at your convenience.


Admissions Event Calendar



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