Media: “FUTURE OF CAPITALISM” Program organized by Shizenkan and IESE Business School was introduced in Indian media outlets.

The online course “Future of Capitalism,” which Shizenkan University is organizing in collaboration with IESE Business School (Spain), was introduced in a leading media outlet in India.


School of Inspired Leadership, Spain’s IESE, Japan’s Shizenkan Univ launch MBA course on future of capitalism (The Economic Times)


FUTURE OF CAPITALISM is a new course launched this year, with 81 multinational students, mostly from Shizenkan and IESE, participating. Together, these 81 students are traveling virtually around the world, holding discussions with former CEOs of The New York Times, Citigroup, and Tata Steel, and dialoguing with NGOs and social activists working in developing countries in South America and Africa to explore the future of capitalism.

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