Open Class Report, “Strategic Methodology and Strategic Thinking” held on September 11th, 2023.


On September 11th, Shizenkan University held an open class entitled Strategic Management: Theories, Frameworks and Ways of Thinking” presented by Professor Yuichi Yatsuhashi. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is often seen that the rules of the game (or paradigm) that worked yesterday have changed today, and it is no longer possible to win by using the same  strategies and tactics as in the past. Companies need to establish success patterns in accordance with new rules with a sense of speed and urgency.


 In addition, Professor Yatsuhashi says, “In turbulent times, flexibility of thought is the best strategy.” In  this  hands-on class, quizzes and exercises were introduced to make participants aware of how their own thinking frameworks inhibit new ideas. He also emphasized the importance of questioning their thinking by tracing out  stories of paradigm shifts that occurred in some industries, where ideas that were once thought to be nonsensical gradually became the norm.



At the open class, Tsuyoshi Tanno, a fourth-cohort student who graduated in June 2023, joined and shared his experience at Shizenkan. In response to a question from a participant, “What was the most significant take away from your learning at Shizenkan?” Mr. Tanno replied, “To be able to realize that the paradigm I took for granted was not normal, which I had not realized because it was the common way of thinking at my workplace.” When asked about balancing school and work/family life, he advised, “I managed to find time by spending half of either Saturday or Sunday when I did not have classes to refresh myself and the other half to study, or by using the time before and after work to study.

Cooperation from colleagues and supervisors was also essential, such as asking them to adjust overtime hours. It’s not easy in the first three months, but once you get over that, you will be on the right track.” Professor Yatsuhashi also added, “It is important to learn time management through the two years at Shizenkan. If you prioritize your work, you will realize that there are things you don’t have to do, and you will become more efficient. It is another form of leadership to cooperate with others instead of trying to do everything yourself.” 


At Shizenkan, you will have the opportunity to think deeply about how you think now and why you think the way you do, without being trapped in the paradigm that currently exists, along with students from a variety of backgrounds. We invite you to break free from the paradigms that bind you and take the first step toward strategic thinking.


For more event information, please check our upcoming open class schedule here.



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