Sep 27th IESE Shizenkan Forum: Corporate Venturing: How do big corporations effectively collaborate with startups to foster innovation? (Online via Zoom)




[IESE Shizenkan Forum] 

“Corporate Venturing:
How do big corporations effectively collaborate with startups to foster innovation?


          Date&Time: Sep 27th (Mon) 19:30 – 21:00 (JST) / Sep 27th (Mon) 14:30 – 16:00 (CET)

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                     Speaker:   Mr. Josemaria Siota, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, IESE Business School

                     Moderator: Prof. Katsuhiko Yoshikawa, Shizenkan University

                     Language: English


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Innovation is critical in many fields of business, and as a means to foster innovation, large corporations increasingly work with startup companies. For example, investment in deep-tech startups (that is, ventures in emerging technologies) has quadrupled in the last five years: from $15 billion in 2016 to $60 billion in 2020.


However, experts point out a number of challenges in such collaboration. In this forum, we focus on the challenges that large, established corporations face and discuss how they could overcome such challenges, inviting Mr. Josemaria Siota, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at IESE Business School. Josemaria and his co-authors recently published a research, “Open Innovation: How Corporate Giants Can Better Collaborate with Deep-Tech Start-ups. The Case of East and Southeast Asia”, based on an analysis of more than 100 East and Southeast Asian companies collaborating with startups, and we discuss key takeaways from the research and implications to leaders who engage in innovation at large corporations.


The forum includes a keynote speech by Mr. Josemaria Siota, based on his recent research, followed by a discussion with Dr. Katsuhiko Yoshikawa, Associate Professor and Vice President at Shizenkan, centering around key challenges for large Japanese corporations. We will also have a Q&A session toward the end of the forum.



Josemaria Siota

Josemaria Siota is the Executive Director of IESE Business School’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, and has been designated Expert on Corporate Venturing at the European Commission and the World Economic Forum. He leads cutting-edge research on open innovation, corporate venturing and technology transfer, working around the world with successful Chief Innovation Officers and top-tier academics, to create a positive impact in society.

Considered “one of the world’s most influential speakers on corporate venturing” by the newspaper South China Morning Post, he has published books and studies on these topics for Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, the European Commission, the World Economic Forum, PwC, Oliver Wyman, McGraw-Hill, Springer, and more. He spoke at conferences in Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, London Business School, Mobile World Congress, Web Summit, to name a few. His work has received mentions in media such as Bloomberg and Forbes. Previously, he worked at Deloitte.



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