MBA OPEN CLASS Apr. 4th | The Entrepreneurial Mindset – What distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from others?



“The Entrepreneurial Mindset

– what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from others? ”

Speaker: Prof. Shunsuke Nagao, Vice President, Shizenkan University

Venue: Shizenkan Campus (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) and Zoom 

Tue, Apr 4th, 19:00-20:30 (JST) 




Nowadays there is not a single day that you don’t hear one of these technology buzzwords: web3, metaverse, machine learning, and generative AI. Behind these buzzwords are startup technology companies, and they are all founded by charismatic entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are key drivers of economic and social progress, and their enterprises contribute to society by bringing innovation in the form of new products and services, providing employment opportunities as well as productivity growth. However, the ratio of startup companies that survive in the early years of existence and make it to the path of rapid/hyper growth is extremely low. Is it possible to have a framework to better understand entrepreneurs and their startups to increase these odds?


This course is taught by Associate Professor Shun Nagao, who concurrently is a Venture Partner at White Star Capital, with the aim of offering participants practical lessons on crucial concepts to better understand entrepreneurs and startups. Whether you are thinking of eventually launching your startup, tasked with investing capital into entrepreneurs, or contemplating joining a startup, this course will equip you with tools to better navigate your relevant entrepreneur-related activities.




Prof. Shunsuke Nagao

Shun Nagao is Venture Partner at White Star Capital (WSC) and CEO of Eureka Japon Inc. Previously he was Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Japan Platform, and has held positions at the World Economic Forum, a Paris-based startup, as well as at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.
Shun has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Keio University and an MBA from INSEAD. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland and educated in Japan and France, Shun has a multicultural background and is fluent in Japanese, English and French.









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